Robot police cars coming to Dubai

Bradley Wint
Jul 13, 2017 12:40am AST
Photo: Robocop Movie

Don’t get too excited or scared just yet, but Dubai will soon be getting robotic police cars to aid in the fight against crime.

Even though the dream of flying taxis is not here just yet, the Emirati government plans to launch robotic police cars, the size of electric toy cars that children ride in. These fully autonomous units will be patrol the streets of Dubai, scanning people’s faces and cross referencing the biometric data against a criminal database.

Should the car detect someone who matches a known suspect, the nearest police officers can then be dispatched to intercept the threat.

There’s even an onboard drone which can be used to track targets from the air should the robot car not be able to follow suspects into narrow alleyways or through yards and what not.

The bots also returns to the base station on their own once they realize their charge may be too low.

These units may not be the next Robocops, but they would be a huge help as it would be able to free up human resources, so that they could focus on more important matters at hand.

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