Indie-focused streaming service, Jump, launching in July

Jul 12, 2017 10:14pm AST
Photo: Scholarlygamers

Jump is a new game streaming service that works specifically with indie developers to bring a Netflix-style platform into the games industry.

The platform is planned to launch with at least 60 indie games and there are plans to bring at least 6 more to the service each month after launch. A few titles already confirmed for Jump are Dungeon Souls, The Bridge, Stunt Runner, and more. Games will be required to stay on the service for at least 12-months and then developers can decide what they would like to do afterwards.

Jump claims that their “HyperJump” technology will get rid of lag problems that other services have faced. The games will not be installed, but rather be streamed to your device. Games will be accessible through a downloadable app or players can play through a browser once logged into their account.

Jump claims that it will allow indie developers a chance to have their games stand out on their platform. The games allowed onto the platform will be heavily curated and separated into very specific categories. The plan is to not have ads or DLC sales, but there is an advantage to creating DLC for games.

New content will push games back to the top of the charts keeping them relevant months after launch. Developers will be paid by the amount of time gamers spend playing their games. Jump will use 70% of its revenue to pay developers.

The service is currently in beta, which you can sign up for now. Jump will be available on PC, Mac, & Linux, with content available for HTC Vive & Oculus Rift. Access will cost $9.99 a month and those interested will be able to participate in a free trial. Jump goes live July 24th. Can Jump do what others have failed to do? Will you be signing up this summer?

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