Monster Hunter World Video Shows Grueling Combat and Gameplay

Tom Culhane
Jul 8, 2017 7:49pm AST
Photo: Monster Hunter

Monster Hunter World put out a new video today to show off over 23 minutes of gameplay footage in the Ancient Forrest area. The video shows the character, in what appears to be a starting region, going through a tutorial of tracking and hunting a dinosaur-like monster through dense jungle forests.

It becomes apparent early in the video that while this has the overall look and feel of a Monster Hunter game, there are many new added elements of game play that bring the world alive. The player can harvest items around them, and use tracker fire fly-like insects to track prey. You can sneak around through dense foliage tracking a hunt, and even destroy the landscape during combat.

The combat itself looks grueling as we watch the player spend a good portion of the battle getting thrashed around by the dinosaur-like monster. The fight, which takes a good 20 minutes, takes us through multiple areas, an array of combat tactics, environmental destruction, and impressive AI decisions, culminating  with a tailless, beat up dinosaur taking a machine gun-like weapon to the neck and meeting its demise.

Needless to say the combat looks impressive. The question remains; are we to expect this kind of intense, action packed entertainment from most hunts, or was this staged for the game play video? Check it out for yourself below.

Monster Hunter World will be released in early 2018 on PS4, Xbox One, and later on PC.

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