Far Cry 5: No Story Progression For Co-op Partners

Rami Tabari
Jul 4, 2017 3:13pm AST
Far Cry 5
Photo: PlayStation Lifestyle

Ubisoft’s reveal for Far Cry 5‘s co-operative story had sparked hope for the franchise and guaranteed countless hours of fun with a friend. However, they failed to mention that said friend wouldn’t be able to progress through the game, at all.

That’s right. All those hours you spend in a friend’s game is a test of your complete selflessness. Gamestar, a German site, released a new video that, when translated, confirms this. Gamestar found this out when they were at E3.

While still technically unconfirmed by Ubisoft, this is creating quite the controversy for fans and will inevitably affect sales if not changed before its release. The most troublesome part about this is that, as mentioned in Reddit, Ghost Recon: Wild Lands had cooperative story progression.

Even a game like Saints Row IV, released in 2013, had full cooperative progression.

If Ubisoft does confirm this, they still have plenty of time to correct this mistake before release.

While this is a shocking development, things haven’t been looking good for Far Cry 5  since the get-go. From its E3 trailer to the location of Montana, fans have been kicking and screaming about Ubisoft’s choice of style.

The last thing Far Cry 5 needs is more controversy and it’s especially the last thing that Ubisoft needs. One can only hope they will listen to fans’ feedback and respond.

Until then, Far Cry 5 releases on February 27, 2018 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

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