Black Desert Online Overhauls Sausan Garrison

Jun 28, 2017 11:11am AST
Black Desert Online Overhauls Sausan Garrison
Photo: PearlyAbyss

PearlAbyss have announced two major region updates to the popular Mediah territory in Black Desert Online after receiving community feedback. Monsters that roam the popular grinding spot in Black Desert Online’s Mediah region now give more experience. Sausan Garrison will now have an optimal AP range, so that all adventurers within the AP range will be able to easily hunt monsters in the area.

If the adventurer’s AP is lower, the efficiency of grinding will be diminished. However, players with a higher AP will not be able to defeat monsters more efficiently than those who occupy the ideal AP range. This change will help new users venturing into Sausan Garrison and prevent the area from being dominated by over-geared adventurers.

Apart from the Sausan Garrison overhaul, there is a new area called Shultz Guard Post that is intended for more experienced players. Shultz Guard Post sits upon a hill in Northwest Mediah that gazes across the ocean. After the death of Shultz, the greatest gladiator and hero of Sausan, the royal guards left Mediah in search of a forbidden ritual to revive their great leader. Now they have come back, following a clue that the “Dark Red Crystals” in Mediah may hold the secret they seek.

The news comes not long after PearlAbyss announced that Black Desert Online will be hitting the Xbox One X early next year, after becoming a hit on PC. The developers also announced that the game will be coming to the regular Xbox One and Xbox One S, with full support for controllers and updated graphics set to be the main attraction to console players.

PearlAbyss CEO Jung Kyungin spoke about Black Desert Online‘s Xbox version, saying:

“We chose Xbox because of its hardware performance, market penetration, and marketing power. Especially, Microsoft has promised us with full marketing support and has actively engaged with us from the beginning. That is why we believe that Xbox is the best console partner for Black Desert.”

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