Invader Zim TV movie announced

Bradley Wint
Apr 5, 2017 9:45pm AST
Photo: Invader Zim/Nickelodeon

Invader Zim fans, your time has come!

Nickelodeon has announced that a 90-minute Invader Zim TV movie is in the works. The show is being developed by the show’s original creator, Jhonen Vasquez, with the main characters being voiced by the same folks who did it so many years ago for the series.

The planned story line follows along a familiar path where Zim once again tries to take over Earth and destroy it in an attempt to impress his Irken Leaders, the Almighty Tallest.

This alone speaks volumes, and we hope that the story can stick true to what we knew it to be so many years ago.

There are no dates yet as to when the movie will be released, but they have already started casting calls to fill additional voice roles.

Here’s the teaser trailer in the mean time.

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