Facebook may soon introduce a Dislike button

Bradley Wint
Mar 5, 2017 11:42pm AST
Photo: Facebook

Facebook is beta testing its reactions feature within its Messenger platform, but there’s an added twist.

Just like post reactions, users can react to each other’s comments within Messenger threads with various emoji-styled icons including a “love”, laughing, shocked, sad, and angry face. There is also a thumbs up and down option, but not in the traditional Facebook thumb-style.

Photo: Hoan Do

The screenshot taken by Hoan Do, shows the reaction and like/dislike options via the desktop Messenger platform. While most of us simply have the 3 ellipses, the reaction option will include a smiley face next to it, giving users the option to react to respective comment.

Facebook has been very hesitant to introduce a Dislike button in the past as they feel it would bring about too much negativity, but according to them, the inclusion of a thumbs down button is seen more as “no” gesture rather than as a dislike.

For instance, if your friends are planning to meet up at a club and someone asks if they prefer to use an Uber, others could react with a thumbs up or thumbs down.

What’s great about it is that users can react directly to a particular message rather than posting a generic response, which could clear up a lot of ambiguity should there be more than one question in the thread.

At least that’s what Facebook hopes will be the case.

With reactions basically being a success (with over 300 million being sent since its launch a year ago), Facebook expects similar growth when the feature goes live to the general public.

Given that so many features between Facebook’s main platform and Messenger end up being shared across the board, we would not be surprised if Facebook considers introducing the thumbs up and down options on a limited basis to regular posts.

Of course they would clearly try to stay away from a strong label such as “Dislike” and go for something like “No” to ease the significance of the thumbs down meaning.

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