Samsung battery factory catches fire thanks to faulty batteries

Bradley Wint
Feb 8, 2017 9:23pm AST
Photo: Weibo

Well, what are the odds?

Samsung just can’t catch a break as their Samsung SDI Co Ltd factory in China caught fire thanks to faulty lithium batteries.

The good news is that the batteries that exploded were actually designated as being faulty to begin with. Fire and emergency personnel on the scene reported that the flames emanated from a waste product area where incomplete and faulty batteries were stored, amongst other items to be discarded.

The fire was relatively minor as well, with no one being injured. However, fire officials required 19 trucks and 110 officers to help put out the blaze as lithium can be very hard to contain without the right suppression systems.

SDI Co Ltd is set to produce batteries for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8, which will replace the Galaxy Note 7. Coincidentally, they were highlighted as being one of the factories responsible for producing faulty batteries used in the Note 7.

Hopefully today’s events are not an indication of anything troubling to come in the future.

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