WhatsApp will NOT notify you when someone screenshots your conversation

Bradley Wint
Jan 26, 2017 11:58pm AST
Photo: WhatsApp

It’s that time of year again when fake WhatsApp rumors make their way across the web.

This time, fake news website ‘8shit’ posted a bogus story titled “From February 5 on, WhatsApp will let you know when someone screenshots your chat”. The article claims that WhatsApp’s CEO implemented the feature due to a mix of high demand and because of the fact that his girlfriend always screencapped his conversations.

“Jan Koum, the CEO of WhatsApp announced that the next version of the application is going to include the option of being notified if someone screenshots your conversation. This is an option requested by a lot of users lately, and according to him “after all these years, we’ve reached the conclusion to add it”.”

“The reason behind this feature, according to Koum, is that he’s tired of his girlfriend screenshotting his chats. That’s why he wants to make the feature available for everyone feeling the same way. Although it will be enabled by default.”

With over 161,000 shares, the article has caused quite a bit of concern, but believe or not, this article comes from yet another fake news website.

8shit does not even care to hide the fact. In their About Us section, they clearly state that they post satirical and humorous material.

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“The website publishes fake news, shocking rumors and reports with incisive sarcasm, and humor.”

This fake post comes just in time when major changes were released for the iOS version including sending ‘offline’ messages, sending more media content at once, and selective media deletion.

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