United resumes flights after yet another computer glitch

Bradley Wint
Jan 23, 2017 1:26am AST
Photo: Wikipedia

United Airlines has resumed domestic flights, after a glitch paralyzed part of its computer network on Sunday.

The airline can’t seem to catch a break after suffering from yet another network issue, resulting in all departing domestic flights within the United States being grounded at the time. Those that were already in the air were unaffected.

Luckily for the airline, international flights were not affected as a result of the issue.

The ground stop caused many flights to be delayed, resulting in missed connections for many travelers using the airline. They have however issued an advisory allowing passengers to make date changes to their tickets without being charged the respective penalties.

This isn’t the first time the airline has been plagued with computer issues. In October of last year, the airline suffered a glitch with its weight reporting system, which put a block on all domestic and international outgoing flights.

The airline has also been the center of pricing glitches, where clients were able to pay pennies to the dollar for business and first class tickets due to a currency conversion rate error. Unfortunately for them, the tickets were not honored.

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