Tesla Autopilot predicts and avoids accident two cars ahead

Bradley Wint
Dec 28, 2016 9:34pm AST
Photo: Hans Noordsij/Twitter

Tesla’s latest Autopilot software update has proven its worthiness after successfully predicting and avoiding an accident two cars ahead.

The upgraded Autopilot program comes as part of an OTA update launched back in September, available for both Tesla S and X models running the first gen Autopilot program.

The radar can now bounce signals below and above the car directly in front of the Tesla vehicle, allowing it to monitor the activity of the vehicle two car lengths ahead.

Hans Noordsij, posted this video demonstrating how quickly Autopilot detected the sudden speed reduction by the black SUV just ahead of the hatchback.

The Forward Collision Warning system quickly alerted the driver of the impending danger, and also applied the appropriate brakes necessary to slow down to avoid colliding with the vehicle in front.

Had it not been for the warning system, the driver in the Telsa would have most likely taken longer to react to the situation (even just by a second), potentially resulting in a different outcome.

Noordsij admitted as well that had it not been for the warning beeps, he would have most likely taken longer to react to the situation.

Thankfully no one was injured even after the SUV rolled over, but at least the Autopilot system did what it was supposed to do, resulting in one less crashed vehicle.

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