Meet the man behind the Smash Mouth Evanescence cover

Bradley Wint
Oct 30, 2016 5:04pm AST
Photo: Jon Sudano/YouTube

If you haven’t heard about Jon Sudano, then maybe you’ve come across the below ‘cover’ video.

The video first came up in my YouTube recommendations section while I was viewing another song. With nothing else to do, I decided to check out the fat, bearded guy’s clip. It started out with the familiar instrumental intro, and then all of a sudden…Smash Mouth lyrics come out of nowhere.

What’s most interesting about these videos is the sudden popularity garnered just mere days after being posted, with his Evanescence video clocking over 1 million views on YouTube (with the help of Reddit).

He has since posted 8 mashups, all featuring Smash Mouth’s “All Star” vocals being sung over various instrumentals of songs from popular artistes like Radiohead, John Lennon, Adele, and the Village People.

His channel has since racked up over 4 million views in total.

Jon, a drummer, mentioned in a recent interview that he did not expect his videos to be anywhere as popular as they are today, expecting just a mere 10 views on the first one.

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Let’s face it, his cover was pretty good, and it goes to show how easily “All Star” can be mashed up with instrumentals from other songs. Even with sites like VICE and GQ glorifying his talent (I guess in an attempt to make up their minimum story word count), I believe Jon’s success comes from a tap into nostalgia.

Forget the fact that his vocal skills are not good, he still does a neat job of combining songs that we remember from our childhood and teenage years.

As Rockfeed mentions, with so much negativity on social media stemming out of the upcoming U.S. Elections, videos like these come at just the right time to take us away into a happier place.

Even though Jon’s success may last for a mere 15 minutes, kudos should still be given. Maybe one day we can see his drumming skills.

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