Replacement Samsung Galaxy Note 7 catches fire on Southwest flight

Bradley Wint
Oct 5, 2016 3:53pm AST
Photo: The Next Web

Samsung may not be out of the woods yet after one of its replacement Note 7 devices caught fire on a domestic Southwest Airlines flight.

Southwest 994, operating from Louisville, Kentucky to Baltimore, Maryland, was due to depart at 9:30 am local time but had to be evacuated around 9:20 am after there were reports of smoke and fire on board.

The source of the smoke and fire was quickly put out by emergency personnel after passengers and crews safely evacuated the aircraft.

It was then discovered that the root cause of the fire was a Samsung Galaxy Note 7, and note just any Note 7, but a replacement Note 7.

Brian Green, the poor owner of the exploding Note 7, confirmed that this phone was indeed a replacement unit, and that he had picked it up just a few weeks before on September 21st. He made mention that even though the device was powered down, it quickly started giving off a thick cloud of green/black smoke when he put it in his pocket.

Southwest has since cancelled that flight and rebooked passengers on other connections.

As for Green, he is now an iPhone 7 customer.

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