Here’s what a category 4 hurricane looks like from space

Bradley Wint
Oct 4, 2016 2:03am AST

For those living in the Caribbean, Hurricane Matthew should ring a bell as Haiti, Cuba, and The Bahamas are currently on hurricane alert.

Haiti is currently bracing for first impact, as the 145 mph category 4 storm slowly pushes its way up north, bringing torrential rains and devastating winds with it.

Jamaica may experience heavy rainfall later into Tuesday morning, while Haiti and eastern Cuba should feel the brunt of storm throughout most of Tuesday, well into the evening and night.

The International Space Station has a front row top-down view of the hurricane, capturing the expansive coverage of the Caribbean storm earlier today. The crew witnessed this sight while conducting a training exercise for the arrival of an Orbital ATK Cygnus automated re-supply spacecraft in mid-October.

Check out the footage below.

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