Fuze is bringing back the 3.5mm jack to the iPhone 7 with this case

Bradley Wint
Oct 2, 2016 3:13am AST
Photo: Fuze/Indiegogo

When Apple announced that it would do away with the traditional 3.5mm headphone jack on the iPhone 7, fans were up in arms about the historic change.

Some were even so desperate as to drilled a hole in their brand new device, hoping to find the ‘hidden’ port, only to realize they got duped.

Fuze is currently working on developing an iPhone 7 and 7 Plus case with a 3.5mm jack that snaps right on for a plug-and-play experience. With the Fuze case, iPhone 7 can plug in their traditional headphones, or any other audio output devices.

It also features a battery pack with 2400 mAh of energy within the iPhone 7 case, and 3600mAh for the iPhone 7 Plus equivalent, both of which can be charged via the included Lightning port (next to the 3.5mm jack).

The one downside to this project is that the case is not waterproof and split liquid can compromise the functionality of the case, and even short circuit the phone itself.

fuze-iphone7-case-01 fuze-iphone7-case-02

As seen in the above photo, the modified base slides right into the phone’s Lightning port, giving it its new functionality.

After a mere few days on Indiegogo, the Fuze development team quickly met their target goal of $50,000. They however will continue to run the funding campaign until the end of October as originally planned.

Many of the smaller perk packages have already been sold out, with only bulk options remaining.

The huge demand shows a clear void that can easily be filled by third parties, and I suspect that it will be quite some time before phone users switch over to wireless earbuds and headphones (as a result of the missing port).

Development is expected to start of October 5th. If all goes will, the cases will be produced in November and delivered to its customers from December 13th, just in time for Christmas.

The case will be sold for $69, as “early bird” discounts would have already expired.

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