Someone actually drilled a hole in their iPhone 7, trying to open ‘hidden’ port

Bradley Wint
Sep 27, 2016 10:58pm AST
Photo: TechRax/YouTube

You may or may not have seen this video by now, but it’s basically a guy drilling a hole in an iPhone 7, claiming to reveal the hidden 3.5mm port that was not included in iPhone 7 models.

The video was created by Taras Maksimuk, a YouTuber going by the alias TechRax. If you’re familiar with his channel, he usually creates entertainment videos of iPhones and other electronics being destroyed in microwaves, bend tests, being put on ice or in boiling water, and so on.

Like some of his other videos, the iPhone 7 port drilling ‘tutorial’ was meant to be satirical, but surprisingly, not many people understood this.

After Apple confirmed the many rumors that they would be ditching the traditional 3.5mm headphone jack port, users were in an uproar to learn that they would have to deal with using wireless EarPods or buying an additional dongle that connects via the lightning port.

Even with these cold, hard facts, there will always be someone out there searching for a way to go back to the good ole’ wired days, and this video took advantage of that.

It appears that people actually followed this ‘tutorial’, only to realize that they would end up destroying their phone in the process with no recourse whatsoever.

An Instagram user messaged Taras via his inbox, expressing his sentiments after destroying his very own iPhone 7.


Upon checking Kelvin’s Instagram page, he did seem really pissed about the situation as you can see below.


There were other users who left scathing comments via the YouTube video, also sharing their feelings after discovering that the video was just a steaming pile of satire. Unfortunately it’s hard to separate the true victims from the trolls as everyone looking for 15 minutes of fame is also leaving similar types of comments about drilling their iPhone 7s.

Either way, it appears a lot of people were not pleased with the result, as the video received 91,000+ dislikes (about 3/8ths of the vote) at the time of this post.

It always pays to use a bit of common sense being doing anything drastic.

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