This kid easily got over 2000 donations in beer money with Venmo

Bradley Wint
Sep 11, 2016 11:44pm AST
Photo: College GameDay/Twitter

During today’s ESPN College GameDay, one guy figured out a way to easily rake in a lot of beer money with Venmo.

Sam Crowder strategically held up a sign in front of the ESPN cameras. On the board, he wrote, “Hi Mom! Send beer money” and included his Venmo user ID.

Of course Sam really didn’t care whether or not hit mom sent him money.

Many viewers chimed in, with over 2,000 supporting Crowder’s cause, according to Venmo themselves.

The company even chipped in and gave an extra $50 for his ingenuity.

Venmo (a PayPal subsidiary) is a social digital wallet service geared towards friends who want to pay each other for whatever services they render (e.g. collecting money to buy pizza, paying for a beer, or buying something at a garage sale). PayPal on the other hand offers a plethora of transactional services geared towards both retail and business clients.

Hopefully Crowder can sponsor his friends some beers as a result of his new found wealth.

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