Mark Zuckerberg covers his webcam and mic with tape

Bradley Wint
Jun 22, 2016 11:37pm AST
Photo: Mark Zuckerberg/Facebook

Today, Mark Zuckerberg announced that Instagram sees more than 500 millions users per month. He framed himself within one of those cut-out Instagram frames with 500 million likes at the bottom to celebrate the occasion.


The most interesting bit of this photo isn’t the cool Halloween frame I wanted to make last year, but rather something a bit more inconspicuous.

Can you spot it?

Have you given up?

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I’m sure you may have heard about someone covering their laptop camera with tape or paper to prevent potential hackers from spying on them. Well it turns out that Mark Zuckerberg also does this.

I guess being the head of the largest data collection…errrr I mean “social networking” companies out there, he knows a thing or two or a million about spying.

There also appears to be a piece of tape covering the mic-in port, so potential spies can’t stick a listening device in under 30 seconds just like in the movies.

Can we really blame him? There have been many instances where unsuspecting users were being spied on via their webcam without them even knowing as hackers easily found a way to disable the camera light.

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