11 million UK jobs at risk of being automated by 2036

Bradley Wint
Jan 23, 2016 1:30am AST

Accounting firm, Deloitte, has warned that the rise of automation may put as much as 11 million people out of work in the UK by 2036.

With exponential growth in the online shopping industry, the retail sector stands to lose the most with as many as 2.2 million workers being sent home in the next 20 years. This represents about 60% of the retail work force being dropped in favour of online and automated sales processing.

The conversion process is clearly apparent in the manufacturing industry as well, as many mundane tasks are being taken over by robots, with the transport industry next in line for conversion. With driverless cars being the next big thing, public transport and delivery drivers may soon have to be looking for another form of employment.

Unfortunately, those at the bottom of the food chain are most likely to suffer compared to others who earn higher incomes and have better qualifications. Those making under £30,000 were five times as likely to lose their jobs as compared to someone who made over £100,000 per year.

Sadly the problem isn’t limited to any one particular industry over the other as they estimate that almost all industries may be affected, but more at the lower administrative levels where work is more repetitive and mundane (such as cashing, sales and farming).

With any major industry shift, there are always new opportunities, and many new jobs have opened up especially in the healthcare, communication, caring, and social welfare sectors, but the accounting firm worries that there may not be enough job creation to counter the potential numbers being sent home.

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