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Microsoft rewards 9-year year old with Xbox One S for selfless Christmas act

Bradley Wint
By - Founder/Executive Editor
Dec 19, 2017 12:21am AST
Photo: Fox 8 Cleveland
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Video gaming has gotten a pretty bad rap over the past few years, but it’s always good to see positive news trumping the negative.

Like any other 9-year-old, Mikah Frye was excited to hear that his grandmother had gotten him a $300 Xbox One for Christmas. However, the Ohio-based youngster had a change of heart when he saw a few homeless people wondering through the streets in the cold.

When he asked his grandma if they could arrange to get blankets for them, his grandma said he could either get the Xbox One for Christmas or forfeit it and get blankets instead. Without hesitation, Mikah opted to help the less fortunate, and decided to get 30 blankets at $10 each, which would have been the equivalent price of his Xbox One.

Mikah is no stranger to the situation though, as he himself was once homeless after his parents hit a financial rough patch, forcing them to live on the streets for a few weeks before they could find somewhere else more suitable to call home.

Even though Mikah now lives comfortably in a new home, he never forgot the hardship that some people can face, making his sacrifice an easy decision.

All in all, 60 blankets were donated to the Ashland Church Community Emergency Shelter Services (ACCESS) foundation, the same organization that helped Mikah and his family get off the streets and into a home, just three years ago.

The heart warming story was eventually picked up by various local news channels, and even caught the attention of the folks at a Microsoft store in a nearby town.

As a token of appreciation for his good deed, the Microsoft store surprised Mikah by presenting him with an Xbox One S Minecraft bundle, an additional controller, and a variety of other video games.

A 9-year-old who gave up an Xbox to help homeless people is getting a big surprise today. Watch this heartwarming moment…

Posted by Fox 8 News on Saturday, December 16, 2017

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