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This is what happens when you don’t get back to your cruise ship on time

Bradley Wint
By - Founder/Executive Editor
Oct 23, 2017 9:37pm AST
Photo: Malcolm Oliver
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Most cruise ships dock at various ports, allowing its passengers to roam around the city for a few hours before departing to its next destination.

This is an easy way to take in a small bit of each town or country for a relatively cheap price, but it’s extremely important to keep tabs on the boarding and sailing times. As cruise ships operate on tight schedules, they will leave you stranded at the port if you don’t return in time.

Earlier this year, the crew of the Caribbean vessel, the Norwegian Breakaway, were forced to leave two passengers in the Bahamas after she failed to get back to the ship on time.

Video footage from on board the vessel shows a distraught mother running towards the cruise ship, trying to flag down the crew to stop so that they could get on board. This was literally minutes after the shipped inched away from the Bahamian port around 5:30 PM on April 21st.

When the ship was ready to leave port, the woman’s husband realized that she was not on board, and left the rest of his family to go in search of her. The cruise ship even broke protocol and delayed their sailing time by 20 minutes, hoping they would return.

Unfortunately, the crew had to make the tough call and leave port to maintain their sailing schedule, leaving the couple and the rest of their family (three children and uncle) separated.

Even though no one could fault Norwegian Cruise Line for the decision they made, they still were very accommodating by providing lodging and travel assistance to reunite the couple with the rest of their family in New York.

The ship which left New York on April 17th, and was scheduled to visit ports in Bermuda and Nassau, Bahamas. The incident occurred on the final leg when it was headed back to the Big Apple.

In this case, the mom was clearly in the wrong for not keeping check of the departure time, even after it was widely publicized on the ship. While some passengers were sympathetic and even asked the crew to stop, others were not so forgiving, saying she should have abided by the ship’s departure time.

Unfortunately, the occurrence is quite common, even after the crews try their best to get everyone on board.

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