Fans Recreate Tomb Raider II In UE4 And The Results Are Stunning

Sep 1, 2017 7:47pm AST
Photo: Nicobass

A group of Tomb Raider fans have recreated the second title’s opening level using the Unreal Engine 4 and the results are stunning. Check out our in-game screenshots below for a taste of classic Lara Croft reimagined in the high fidelity engine.

The first game in the franchise was previously reimagined as Tomb Raider Anniversary to celebrate the series’ 10th anniversary, so naturally with the 20th anniversary back in 2016, fans were hoping for a similar reimagining of Tomb Raider II, which is largely regarded as Lara Croft’s strongest outing. However it seems as though developer Crystal Dynamics are solely focused on the series’ current ‘reboot’ state, which revolves around a younger Lara Croft and is set in a darker, less fantastical setting than the series’ original outings.

Head of the project is Nicobass, who has previously produced a number of high quality 3D renders of Lara Croft in classic poses and remade scenes from her earlier days. It seems that Nicobass was not content to wait around for an official remake so he took action instead and created the demo with a small group of Tomb Raider fans such as Dean Kopri, who has previously composed a number of Tomb Raider inspired soundtracks and composed the demo’s gorgeous score.

The demo is a decent size, offering twists on the classic title’s level-design with new paths and a couple of unique puzzle and trap sections. The animations are similar to the first Anniversary game, but have been created entirely from scratch in UE4, with only certain textures and sound effects being lifted directly from Crystal Dynamics’ game. The demo even features some voice acting and fully animated in-engine cutscenes.

With the strength of other recent fan-made titles such as 2016’s stellar ‘AM2R’ – a full remake of Metroid 2 (which ultimately got shut down due to Nintendo having their own then-unannounced remake on the horizon) and the much more recent Sonic Mania (which, although published and approved by SEGA, was developed by a group of ex-Sonic fan-game makers and hackers), it seems that sometimes fans really are capable of doing it better than the big studios.

There’s no word yet on whether the full game will be remade by Nicobass and his crack team, but with the quality seen in this demo, we hope this project continues and doesn’t get shut down.

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