Xbox One Update Adds Custom Gamer Pics, Co-streaming and More

Rami Tabari
Jul 13, 2017 10:24pm AST
xbox one
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Xbox One’s half gigabyte update launched today with new features for profile customization and accessibility for the Xbox community.

Custom Gamer Pics

Microsoft finally rolled out an Xbox One update allowing players to upload any gamer picture they want. By any, they mean anything that adheres to Xbox Live’s Code of Conduct, so be reasonable about what you upload.

This also includes pictures for Clubs and backgrounds that can be uploaded through your console, Windows PC or smartphone with the Xbox app.

Mixer Co-streaming

You will now be able to stream with up to three of your friends, four total, through the Mixer app. Inviting your friends to co-stream is as easy as sending them a party invite and it’s even in the same tab.

Co-streaming will create a multi-view perspective for your audience. Along with that, Club members will find it easier to discover streams through the new ‘Mixer’ tab.

Linked Controller Sign-in

No more fumbling around the controller or restarting the Xbox One because it’s confused about who you are. The Xbox One will now allow you to link your profile to a specific controller so when that controller turns on, you’re all set.

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While logged into your profile with the controller you’d like to link:

Go to ‘Settings’ > ‘Sign-in, security & passkey’ > ‘This controller signs in’ > ‘Link controller’ and it’s that simple.

Arena Tournament Update

The Tournaments tab in the Xbox Game Hub will now be added to Clubs as well. This update also allows easier access to see who’s winning/losing and who’s streaming. With a simple click of a button you can either search to join a tournament or simply watch.

Xbox iOS/Android App Update

With this, you’ll be able to share Looking-for-Group requests through your phone. Along with that, you can finally search the Xbox Store and the Xbox Game Pass all through the Xbox app.

The app now has an option to change your region to match the Store’s currency to where you are. Also, Androids get an exclusive chat bubble update, it works similar to Messenger’s chat system.

If your console hasn’t updated itself yet, be sure to check ‘Updates’ in the ‘Settings’ tab. For more details, check out Major Nelson’s blog.

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