Why Zelda Breath of the Wild New DLC is Worth Picking Up

Tom Culhane
Jul 6, 2017 5:31pm AST
Photo: Nintendo

On June 30th, the first Zelda Breath of the Wild DLC was released, The Master Trials. If you’re like me and cringe at the thought of having to spend money on extra content for a game you paid $60 for, then you should find Nintendo’s first DLC for Breath of the Wild refreshing. This DLC brings a new level of fun and added experience to what was already one of the best games of the year so far.

The Master Trials, aimed at players who have already beaten, or are currently playing through the game gives us more than just new modes, characters, and pieces of armor. So what do you get that makes it worth it?

The new Trial of the Sword is a gauntlet style progression of 45 waves of enemies, with each wave progressing in strength. Starting with literally nothing, link must fight his way through hordes of enemies and acquire armor and weapons along the way.  It feels somewhat of a mini game within the game and good for some extra fun along the way.

Hero’s Path mode is an added map feature that tracks your every movement from the last 200 hours! This tracker is pretty impressive as it allows you to see where you’ve explored a lot, and areas you may have neglected and need to explore in further detail.

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The DLC also offers 8 new hidden treasure chests that contain previous Zelda game themed armor, along with a hidden Korok Mask. This mask will shake near a hidden Korok to help find these hidden items, which are scattered throughout the world.

Last and certainly not least, is the addition of Master mode which allows for a more difficult version of the game. This mode is mostly for those who have already beaten the game and looking for a further challenge. However, the added features of the mode make it fun and exciting for anyone. Every enemy you face will gradually regenerate health, have a higher level cap, and start one level higher than in Normal mode. Additionally, some enemies are even floating in the sky, so you have to be careful where ever you are on the map!

The expansion pass includes the first DLC,  along with a second scheduled for the holidays 2017, will cost you $19.99. While I’m with you in having a hard time justifying an additional $20 for a game you already purchased, the first Breath of the Wild DLC shows promise for what’s to come and offers plenty of additional content to keep your Zelda obsession alive.

There are very few games I consider DLC worth purchasing. Zelda Breath of the Wilds Master Trials would be one of those rare purchases I recommend.

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