Tespa Announce Overwatch College Competition

Jul 1, 2017 6:43pm AST
Tespa Announce Overwatch College Competition
Photo: Blizzard

Blizzard’s push of Overwatch to college students has gotten a little bit bigger. Tespa, a network of U.S college clubs, has announced a new tournament for colleges. The Tespa Summer Series will run from July through August. The tournament will feature teams from universities in the United States and Canada.

Using Tespa to reach out to collegiate players is nothing new for Blizzard. Tespa is already involved with Blizzard’s Heroes of the Dorm events. This pits teams from American universities against one another in Heroes of the Storm. Making the announcement about the new tournament, Tespa said:

“Starting on July 9th, college students across North America can dive into weekly tournaments to compete for Battle.net balance! Your school can field as many teams as you’d like to compete, but we challenge your campus to unite your best players under one primary team. Primary teams can earn points for their school and additional rewards for their community!”

The tournament has a weekly schedule, with the main dates being: June 27, when signups open; July 9, when weekly tournament #1 begins and; August 14, when weekly tournament #6 finishes.

Winners of the Tespa Summer Series will receive statues of Overwatch hero Reaper. The lack of prize-money is a recurring pattern in university esport competitions.. Overwatch joins Hearthstone and Rocket League as other games featured in Tespa’s Summer Series program. Tespa is an official partner to Blizzard. So far Rocket League is the only title not published by Activision-Blizzard.

The tournament does have a number of new rules, including:

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  • Only one team per college or university will be allowed to serve as a Primary Team.
  • Coordinators will serve as a liaison between Tespa and players.
  • Teams sponsored by a Tespa student organization on their campus will be prioritized.
  • Coordinators are eligible for all prizes or rewards that their teammates earn.

The company is also replacing the team captain role with school Coordinators. They will also be working directly with each Coordinator to ensure colleges gets the most out of the Series. The company also announced loot boxes for teams. Primary teams who play in at least three tournaments will receive a loot box at the end of the series.

This loot box will be full of team apparel and Overwatch merchandise. Supplies are limited, though. Only the first 150 schools who meet the requirements are guaranteed a loot box. The Overwatch Summer Series is a rolling-registration league. This means that teams can join the battle at any time, and choose whether or not to compete each week. Primary teams are automatically enlisted in each week’s bracket. You can find out more about Tespa’s tournament here.

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