Students dump an insane amount of paper down stairwell on last day of school

Bradley Wint
May 30, 2017 10:06pm AST
Photo: jordanwhite649/Twitter

Students at Basha High School in Chandler, Arizona, decided to celebrate the end of their school year by throwing all their notes down the stair well.

I wish I could say this was a clickbait title, but the amount of paper thrown down the stairs seems to be never ending. Just when you thought the initial flow would slow down, the falling paper continued steadily even until the end of the almost 2 minute long video.

There was even a section where someone shouts “I LOST MY PHONE!”. There were also a few paper surfers, followed by what appears to be an entire stack coming down at once making for a pretty loud thud sound.

The video was recorded by Jordan, one of the school’s students.

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