iPhone 8 OLED version may be delivered later than expected

Bradley Wint
May 9, 2017 11:32pm AST
Photo: Benjamin Geskin/Twitter

Apple is expected to launch a totally revamped high-end iPhone 8 with features like a slimmer, taller profile, an OLED display, 3D camera, and much more, but new reports are coming in yet again indicating that its availability may be significantly impacted this year.

Apple analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo, is now saying that even with a launch in September, the first shipment will not go out until as late as November, with further orders being dragged out a bit as a result of supply chain shortages. The company also appears to be still debating about the inclusion of the OLED 3D sensors and Touch ID.

While we are positive on potential replacement demand triggered by OLED iPhone, it’s too early to determine if demand will shift fully in that direction. We recommend investors keep tabs on the following issues: (1) whether the 3D sensor of OLED iPhone provides an innovative user experience; (2) whether OLED iPhone cancels Touch ID (fingerprint recognition); and (3) whether Apple’s competitors launch more innovative products which could compete with OLED iPhone in 4Q17-2Q18.

Also, he predicts that as much as 20 million less (than the 100-110 million) iPhone 8s may ship in the second half of this year.

Most of the production issues appear to be stemming from the integration of TouchID under the OLED display surface. They may end up having to look into an alternative biometric scanning solution should it not work out. Problems with that and new 3D sensors may result in major redesigns to the phone’s physical shape as well.

iPhone users may finally get a taste of what it’s like to wait for a Pixel device to go back on sale. *hehe*

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