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How to remap Samsung Galaxy S8 Bixby button to launch any app

Bradley Wint
By - Founder/Executive Editor
Apr 24, 2017 9:34pm AST
Photo: Samsung
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Many Galaxy S8 and S8+ fans aren’t too happy that Samsung launched an incomplete version of Bixby with no option of swapping assistants to something like Google Assistant or Google Now.

Other than a somewhat useless interface, many owners have complained about accidentally tapping the button and launching the app when they don’t want it.

If you don’t want to root your phone but still want an app that can do a somewhat decent job of remapping the hot key, check out these two hackjobs.

bxActions allows you to map custom apps and actions to your Bixby button. Once remapped, the app should allow you to launch whatever action or app is assigned to it. There are a few reports of it being a bit buggy, requiring a double tap to launch the app.

Then there is BixRemap which was initially set up to launch Google Now. It works by loading over Bixby, so you may notice Bixby initially loading up for a second or two, before seeing Google Now taking center stage.

BixRemap requires that you allow usage tracking, and includes a persistent notification icon in the tray. My guess is these functions help monitor usage of the Bixby button to execute the overlay when triggered.

These apps are definitely sloppy to some extent, but it provides a decent enough solution to the problem given that Samsung’s firmware update wiped out most of the previous apps that did the job before.

The developers both confirm that these apps are a work in progress. Also, these apps only provide a short term solution as future firmware updates may render them useless.

Hopefully Samsung steps up the game to push out Bixby in its full form so that users won’t have to use rely on other apps to perform similar functions.

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