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Here’s how Rhett and Link fooled the internet into thinking a nacho spa treatment was real

Bradley Wint
By - Founder/Executive Editor
Apr 21, 2017 10:40pm AST
Photo: This Is Mythical/Facebook

I’ll admit, this story started off way differently before I did some actual research into the so-called nacho spa treatment.

Fake news is a huge problem on social media websites as more and more people realize how easy is it to fool others into sharing “news” and other viral content. We are all tired of hearing about “fake news”, but sadly it has become a commonplace item on our social media feeds, to the point where we have to question whether any news source is legitimate these days.

Recently, Rhett and Link released a comedy sketch on their YouTube channel “Good Mythical Morning” about a new nacho spa treatment that was supposedly on the rage in California. If you’re a regular on YouTube, you’d know straight away that it was just for fun and games… but then there’s Facebook.

The comedy duo took clips from their sketch and created a “NowThis” styled video. It was uploaded to their Facebook page, with a little over 29,000 fans at the time of writing this post. However, once their fans shared the post to their personal walls, other friends would have seen something like this.

Given that most people barely take note of the Facebook page that the video was uploaded to, is there anything else striking about this post?

As mentioned above, they used the format seen on many popular NowThis videos. NowThis aims to deliver short and informative snippets of information, with the relevant citations to back up their claims. Their combined Facebook pages total over 22 million fans, with many of their videos gaining at least 1 millions each.

The average Facebook viewer being none the wiser, would most have most likely missed the fact that they swapped out the logo to show “How’s This” instead of “Now This”. The text description font and style is also copied to make the video appear as legitimate as possible.

Rhett and Link’s fake nacho spa video versus a sample of a real NowThis video.

It’s been just over a week and their editing skills have clearly paid off as the video brought it over 14 million views, oddly enough more than most individual videos on the verified NowThis page.

I admit I was initially fooled by this video, maybe because of how I already knew that people can make some of the most ridiculous things into fashion trends. I didn’t really do any later research, but quickly saved it to my bookmarks some days ago with the plan to write something about it once I got the chance.

After doing 2 seconds of Googling, I was somewhat disappointed (since I didn’t have a story to write about anymore) but relieved that people were not this stupid to actually do something like this and waste good food.

Unfortunately for many others, there are people out there now telling their friends how stupid Californians are for starting a nacho spa trend.

I won’t give Rhett and Link any flack since their sketches are purely for comedic purposes, but it shows us how easily the masses can be fooled into sharing content and believing it without doing any research to confirm the presented findings.

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