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Watch this fire-spitting drone clear debris from a power line

By // Founder/Executive Editor - Mar 4, 2017 11:42pm AST
Photo: YouTube

Once in a while, large chunks of debris end up power lines, posing a potential hazard for the electric company.

Clearing this could sometimes be challenging especially when dealing with high voltage lines that are high above the ground out of the range of most cherrypickers.

A power company in Xiangyang, China, has developed a flame throwing drone that solves this problem. Instead of risking the lives of workers by sending them up to remove it themselves, why not that blast the crap out of it with some fire?

Whether this method is safe or not is beyond us. Fire blasting power lines can’t be too safe, right? Maybe the short bursts really don’t do much damage versus the risk of sending someone up via a helicopter, or whatever is required to remove garbage from lines very high above the ground.

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Bradley Wint
Bradley Wint
Founder/Executive Editor
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