Photo: Inventive Lego Videos/YouTube

Dear YouTube video creators, please stop doing this with End Screens

Bradley Wint
By - Founder/Executive Editor
Jan 21, 2017 12:19am AST
Photo: Inventive Lego Videos/YouTube
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While browsing the videos section of reddit, I came across a video of a LEGO bot pulling 60 pounds of exercise weights. Closer to the end, two recommendation boxes popped up, essentially blocking the view of bot pulling those bad boys.

I’ve seen them before in other videos popping up at some of the worst times, blocking the highlight of what I came to watch in the first place.

It turns out that these boxes are called End Screens, and is a new feature that was recently added into YouTube’s video editing menu.

YouTube basically made an official way of including recommended thumbnails at the end of videos, following the familiar style in which vloggers or other YouTube stars include a custom ending screen with recommendations.

In the past you would have seen something like this where the video author would create their own recommendation template and link the video(s) to the respective link(s). Here is a sample of that from one of the channels I subscribe to.

I decided to give it a go and try it out myself.

Here’s what it looks like when I added it onto one of my videos from my personal trip report channel.

You are limited to placing these clips in the last few seconds of the video, and there is a somewhat limited area in which the selected clips can be placed.

The feature works great as a replacement to what YouTubers previously did, as it removes the stress of including one or two extra clips at the end.

Basic common sense would dictate that end screens not be placed over important parts of your video. If your clip is entitled “Volcano Eruption” and the end screens pop up over the actual eruption, you’re doing it wrong.

Simply do not use the feature, or create an additional end screen with your respective social media links and a blank space for your end screens.

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