SpaceX successfully lands another Falcon 9 rocket on a sea barge

Bradley Wint
Jan 14, 2017 2:17pm AST
Photo: SpaceX/Twitter

SpaceX is back at it again after having to pause their rocket program after an explosion 4 months ago.

After an extensive investigation, corrective measures were put in place in time for today’s launch at Vandenberg Air Force Base in California.

Today’s Falcon 9 rocket propelled 10 Iridium NEXT satellites into Low Earth Orbit (LEO) as Iridium Communications starts the process of replacing its 20 year old first generation, with more efficient and higher bandwidth NEXT generation installations.

Artist rendition of an IRIDIUM NEXT satellite.

What’s even more wonderful is that the SpaceX team was able to successfully land its Falcon 9 booster rocket on their “Just Read the Instructions” barge in the Pacific Ocean.

Even as a secondary mission, there were cheers and screams as the team was able to bring the rocket down in fine style, landing it right on the big X on the barge.

This marks another big stepping stone for the company as they push for re-usability of launch vehicles to cut down on costs. Even though they had a rough time perfecting ocean landings, sea barges are more useful as they can be positioned anywhere in the globe for launch vehicle recovery.

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Here is a video of the landing.

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