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National Geographic Instagram account hacked

By // Founder/Executive Editor - Dec 30, 2016 8:20pm AST
Photo: YouTube

If you’re one of the 66 million followers of the National Geographic Instagram page, you may have noticed th not so ordinary post below.

It turns out that the page was hacked by a group called OurMine, which allegedly offers security services such as vulnerability threat assessments.

The post was eventually taken down a little over half an hour after being posted.

It seems that the group merely hacked the page as a publicity stunt to promote their services, as the rest of the page’s content was left intact. In the post, they mentioned their website’s URL in an attempt to draw users in to try out their services.

OurMine has made its name in the past by hacking Mark Zuckerburg’s Facebook and Pinterest accounts. They also hacked a number of famous Twitter accounts including those belonging to the company’s co-founder, Jack Dorsey.

Famous clickbait….uhhhh news site, Buzzfeed, also fell prey after writing about a Saudi teenagers allegedly linked to the organization.

We are not sure how NatGeo’s account was hacked, but it could come down to either a simple case of phishing or social engineering.

Instances like this always remind us as to why we should regularly evaluate the security of any accounts we manage.

For starters, consider using strong and unique passwords, or password managers like LastPass. Also, enable two-step authentication if possible (even though it does not seem to be globally available yet on Instagram). In cases like this where multiple people may be managing a single account, it’s always good to limit access to reduce to potential number of devices being compromised.

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Bradley Wint
Bradley Wint
Founder/Executive Editor
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