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Korean Air relaxes policy on taser usage on its flights

By // Founder/Executive Editor - Dec 28, 2016 8:17pm AST
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Following a mid-flight incident gone viral, Korean Air has quickly revisited its policy regarding taser usage by flight attendants.

Just a week ago, Richard Marx, a pop rock singer (and his wife) ended up assisting flight attendants in subduing a violent passenger after he had one too many drinks.

The flight from Hanoi, Vietnam to Seoul, South Korea was supposed to be a peaceful, mundane trip, but according to Marx (via Facebook), it ended up being “four hours of a psycho passenger attacking crew members and other passengers.”

He also mentioned how ill-prepared the crew was in dealing with a simpler situation like this.

Here is the video of the unruly passenger being restrained.

As a result of the viral controversy, the airline has since promised to better train its flight attendants to deal with situations like this. They will also reduce restrictions on taser gun usage to more effectively assist with the take down of unruly passengers.

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Bradley Wint
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