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You’ve been using these emojis the wrong way all this time

By // Founder/Executive Editor - Dec 21, 2016 9:36pm AST
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With hundreds of available emojis slowly replacing regular text expressions, some of them can be a bit confusing to use, or at least they’re not used as intended by the designers.

Emojipedia breaks down the correct uses of some emojis which are commonly misused for other purposes.

This emoji is actually rolling on the floor laughing.

Not this…(which is apparently considered tears of joy)

Guess we’ve been using this wrong all the time.

This is a hugging face. It’s not an expression of celebration.

This is an “OK” expression, not a guy beating his meat or indicating his desire for a blow job.

Like this, ok?

This emoji is actually someone pressing their hands together. It’s best known in Japanese culture. It’s not someone praying.

Brands like Microsoft, Samsung, and HTC render this image a bit more clearly than Apple and Google does. People also sometimes confuse it for a high-five.

This is a gust of air from fast motion. (e.g. the dust and air left after a car speeds off). It’s not a fart.

This is an information desk girl. Most people confuse it for a girl giving a sassy expression.

Not often confused. This emoji depicts someone showing perseverance in a very difficult situation, but there are quite a few people who mistake it as being a way to tell someone they are ugly.

This emoji is disappointed but relieved. Not to be confused with the crying emoji.

The bead of water is actually sweat, and not tears. Best used when someone is in a difficult situation, and is sweating from stress.

This is a sign of celebration, not praising the Lord.

This is a name badge, not a fire. There’s already a separate fire emoji.

These name cards are tulip-shaped, and are use in Japanese kindergarten classrooms.

This is a track ball, not a blue flashlight light found on police cars.



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