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PewDiePie trolls the world by deleting 2nd channel, but here’s the hidden message behind it all

Bradley Wint
By - Founder/Executive Editor
Dec 9, 2016 10:50pm AST
Photo: YouTube
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PewDiePie has done it again, this time trolling the media in a really big way.

In this installment of YouTube drama, PewDiePie raises two issues, the first being the alleged problem of subscribers (including other major YouTubers) being magically unsubscribed from his channel. The second point spoke to a somewhat minor problem where YouTube decided to do away with the Subscription box in favour of a Recommended box.

With regard to the second point, Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg (PewDiePie) felt that removing the subscription box from the home page resulted in less views coming in to his videos in recent months.

As for the major issue at hand, YouTube allegedly responded to him saying that after a thorough investigation, they found no drop in user subscriptions across the board, and only remove users that they determine to be spammy. Of course this shouldn’t include other major YouTubers as their channels would have been deleted if they were really spam.

So he did it again

In a recent video, he claimed that once his channel reached 50 million subscribers, he would delete his YouTube channel. For many followers, they thought this was the end for the PewDiePie brand and could not believe that he would throw away 50 million followers and millions of dollars in revenue just to prove a point.

When his account did hit 50 millions follows, he did exactly as promised.

He deleted his channel.

The only issue was that he deleted a secondary channel called “Jack septiceye2” and recorded it in the below video hosted on his primary channel.


Now that PewDiePie is 50 million strong, he still has to wrestle with YouTube to iron out some of the major issues at hand, but he did something else even more profound.

He demonstrated how gullible and untrustworthy the media could be as they quickly gobbled up his sensationalist and somewhat idle threat. Most major media houses went into a frenzy, covering the fact that Felix was about to supposedly do something completely drastic.

Unfortunately for most of them that speculated that his main channel would be deleted, they were the ones who were trolled at the end of the day as they later found out what Felix really meant.

While PewDiePie was merely entertaining his young followers, it does prove that major brands can easily be duped into reporting bogus nonsense. No one could really fault him for his threat since he technically did not lie, but it does highlight the fact that mass media brands should not be so quick to jump to gun just to get a few hits.

Yes, reporting topics like this can bring in lots of traffic in the short term, but getting egg on your face can be really bad for your image in the long run.

Look at publications like Gizmodo and Mashable for instance. The once revered tech blogs are now a mere skeleton of their former selves because of their hasty and lazy reporting tactics.

The long and short is that people are quickly losing faith in the validity of media publications, and unless writers and reporters return to their older ways of actually doing some research instead of rehashing surface level dribble.

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