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Android and iOS market share stagnant while Windows Phone OS slowly dies

Bradley Wint
By - Founder/Executive Editor
Dec 1, 2016 10:03pm AST
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As we head into the last month of 2016, we have yet another bundle of mobile market share statistics to play with.

After two major handset releases (iPhone 7 and Google Pixel), it’s very interesting to see that both Android and iOS barely gained or lost market share in the last three months.


According the NetMarketShare, which bases data on a sample set of unique visitors, there was very little change as Android went up ever so slightly, while iOS slipped by 0.07%. Even around the time when the above two phones were launched, there was barely any change from one brand to the other.

The most plausible reason would be the fact that most users transitioned from their previous devices to new models rather than making any mass jumps to a new platform.


Based on stats from StatCounter, Android is definitely on the up while iOS is headed downwards, but it should be noted that usage is based on a huge data set of web page views rather than unique views.

On the whole, Android still maintains a majority share of the market at 68.67% while iOS sits at just 25.71%.

As for Windows Phone OS, Microsoft hasn’t been able to make any significant dent in the market as its market share continually drops to a low of 1.75%.

BlackBerry oddly enough, gained a tiny bit of market share over the last few months as they rolled out new models running Android instead of home brewed BlackBerry OS.

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