Netherlands looking to ban non-electric cars by 2025

by - @b_wint - Apr 25, 2016 9:54pm AST

Members of the Tweede Kamer (Netherlands lower house in parliament) have put forward a motion to put a ban on all gasoline and diesel powered cars sales by the year 2025.

If the proposition does come to pass, the ban force car dealers to sell only electric-based vehicles.Meanwhile, car owners who already own fossil-based vehicles will be allowed to continue using them until they can no longer work.

This is a bold step for the Netherlands as they are not exactly ranking in the top environmentally friendly EU nations list as they still have a 40+% dependency on oil and gas for energy production.

Of that 40, 27% is designated towards the transport sector, but with major brands like Tesla, BMW, Audi and others battling out the EV game, their plans could not come at a better time. That’s assuming the proposition does make it through senate to become legally binding.

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