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Firefox market share recovers while Chrome growth slows

Bradley Wint
Dec 1, 2016 9:07pm AST
Photo: Unknown

As we head into December, the browser market share statistics roll in once again, this time for the month of November 2016.

Based on data from NetMarketShare, Firefox has recovered quite a bit, continuing to grow at a relatively rapid rate, holding 11.91% of the market. This comes from a low of 7.69% in August. As Firefox continually improves as of late, the Mozilla team seem to be doing a good enough job at pulling back some of its former users.

As a Firefox fan myself, I must say it has come a long way after its developers spent a lot of time optimizing its performance and stability.


Chrome also grew, but not as drastic as Firefox. Google’s browser moved up less than a percentage point between October and November, and just under 2% between August to now.

Internet Explorer continues to plummet as Microsoft pushes their Edge browser. IE still manages to hold a sizable market share because many corporations insist that users use IE versus a competing browser. However, Chrome is quickly become an alternative choice at the corporate level, cutting into IE’s share.

Microsoft Edge appears to already have plateaued at the 5.2% mark, which also falls in line with the Windows 10 adoption rate flat lining after the discontinuation of their their free upgrade offer. Until MS makes Edge their default Windows browser, I do not see it ever getting beyond the 10% mark any time soon.

However, once more businesses start to adopt Windows 10, this may change.

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