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Windows 10 market share flat lines for a 2nd month in a row; Apple OSX sinks

Bradley Wint
Nov 1, 2016 10:36pm AST
Photo: Digital Trends

It looks like Windows 10 is finally flat lining shortly after Microsoft discontinued its year of free upgrades. This is according to the latest statistics from NetMarketShare.

Microsoft’s aggressive push to convert users to Windows 10 worked pretty well, knocking down the Windows 7 users market segment by almost 10% between December 2015 to now.

With upgrade notifications, pop-up ‘ads’, very invasive security upgrade techniques, and the basic offer of a free upgrade to Windows 10 before July 29th, it is clear why Windows 10 did so well.

However, it does not really paint a true picture as to how influential the system really is, until now.

Unlike Windows 7, which essentially was a huge step up from Windows XP, Windows 10 comes as a stepping stone towards a slow integration into their vision of an integrated cloud environment. It also taps into the ease in which the OS can either be used on desktop/laptop PCs or tablets.

As a result, there hasn’t been much real incentive to switch from Windows 7, as the older platform still offers pretty rock solid performance. Couple that with the fact that Microsoft’s conversion plan did not go down too well with many potential ‘convertees’ as they felt Microsoft was trying to unnecessarily force their hand.

Growth came to a grinding halt, staying within the 22% range between the end of August and the end of October.

Windows 7 share has actually started to creep upwards again, maybe as a result of some Windows 10 users defecting back to a more familiar environment. Market share slowly rose from 47.01% in July to 48.38% in October.

Alternative operating systems (Linux based) saw a 1.51% rise between August and October, maybe as a result of other Windows 10 users looking for an alternate system.

Mac OSX on the other hand saw a notable decline, falling from 4.38% to 2.74% between August and October.

Check out the chart below for a proper comparison.

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